'Do not try to save the whole world or do 
anything to grandiose. Instead create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently, until the song that is your life falls into your own cupped hands and you recognize it and greet it as your own. Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world so worthy of your gifts.'

Do you make regular visits with yourself? ~Rumi

It is my wish that everyone of us can learn to make regular visits with ourselves. To integrate self~care practices into our lives~ amidst the busyness, the fullness of family, career and take a little time each and every day to hear our own song, to clear the dense forest of thought and remember what is truly important. To know it is not selfish, but essential! 
To cultivate inner refuges for the heart~body~mind. A place where we can allow ourselves to digest, assimilate & make contact with what is really alive for us & learn to adopt loving presence to whatever is....

This is my passion. To create safe spaces to breathe, touch in & assimilate our life experiences. To know that we all belong, have gifts & may we all have the courage to journey inward with loving presence. This is the catalyst for true healing.


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